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Aaravices ice cream van is one of the leading providers of ice cream vans for various types of events. We have at our disposal a wide range of vehicles that include Mr Whippy, Soft Serve and other premium vehicles. We have been providing these vans for the last 10 years. Besides, we have now become one of the most preferred providers of ice cream vans due to the hygiene that we maintain. Indeed, the vans that we provide are highly maintained and work seamlessly to provide guests with a memorable experience.

We provide various ice cream vans for all types of events that include birthday parties, corporate events, wedding events, fundraisers, etc. Besides, the broad range of ice cream flavours that we provide is enough to satisfy the needs of guests in the events. So, if you are looking for comprehensive ice cream van services, you need not look anywhere else.


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Hire Mr Whippy Vans to Experience Delicious Ice Creams for All Types of Events

The Mr Whippy vans that we offer at Aaravices ice cream van are capable of serving in all types of events such as birthday parties, corporate events, carnivals, fundraisers, fetes, etc. Besides, we serve various ice cream flavours to satisfy the needs of our guests. Our menu comprises single cones, single cones with a wide range of toppings that include chocolate, nuts, sprinkles, etc. Apart from this, we also provide small and large sundaes, double chocolate toppings and flakes directly from our vans.

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