How much does your ice cream van hire in Brisbane and suburbs cost?

The cost of our ice cream van hire in Brisbane will depend on the scale of the event, the distance and the range of flavours of ice cream served. However, none of our services by Aaravices ice cream van, would cost too much. 

Are your ice cream Van for events inBrisbane, suburbs hygiene and have clearance certificates?

Yes, they are cleaned by experts who would use the latest cleaning tools and products regularly. They are inspected by authorities and we use them only after they are certified by our experts. 

Is your service Covid Compliant?

Yes, they are. The vans are sanitised and all our personnel are medically checked and are pressed into service only after they are fit certified by the medical practitioners. 

How do I hire you?

Find us online using keywords like hire ice cream van near me. Call us or write to us and we will get back to you promptly.

Will I have to order in advance my favourite flavour?

Not necessarily – for unless otherwise directed, we will bring the entire range of flavour for you  to choose from.

What flavour do you provide?

The flavours we offer include:

What events do you offer your ice cream for?

We offer ice cream for every event including wedding parties, anniversaries,  homecoming and birthday parties, college and school fests, corporate gathering, annual parties, rewards and recognition ceremonies,  and the likes. 

How can I change the date of order or cancel it?

In order to cancel the order or change the date you just have to call us at  0433145531 to avoid any cancellation fee.